Our Preserves


The land trust currently protects about 700 acres of land in preserves and through property easements. Many preserves have marked hiking trails open to the public. 


Choose a preserve below to see detailed descriptions and trail maps for our public properties. 

Enjoy hiking at our preserves with trails:

Find Trail Maps on each Preserve's page, at the Town of East Haddam Municipal Complex, at Ballek's Garden Center in East Haddam, and at the trailheads of most Preserves.


Historical Preserves with paths to sites of interest:


Preserves without trails or paths:

East Haddam Land Trust contributed to the acquisition of The Nature Conservancy preserves and the Town of East Haddam open space listed below.

The Nature Conservancy preserves:  

Burnham Brook Preserve

Chapman Pond Preserve

Town of East Haddam open space with trails:

Chapal Farm Preserve

Davison Memorial Walking Park

The Dean Easement

The Harris Reserve

The Hatch Lot Reserve                                      

Lena Reserve                          

Roaring Brook Preserve

Rose Farm Reserve

Sabine Reserve

Shugrue Farm Reserve on Long Hill

Urbanik Reserve


East Haddam Land Trust also protects preserves and easements without trails where access is not practical, or landowners maintain the use of the property.  Find out more about these properties.


Please note, hunting is not permitted on East Haddam Land Trust preserves.

As a safety precaution, please wear orange during hunting season when hiking through or adjacent to any wooded or open space areas.