Directors and Founders


The 2021 Officers and Board of Directors


All of our officers and directors are volunteers, elected annually for three-year terms according to our bylaws.  The Officers and Directors for 2020 are listed below. Use the Contact Us link at the top of the main page to direct an email to any of the current officers or directors listed below.


Pete Govert, President, Chair of Land Acquisition Committee

Pete moved to East Haddam in 1999 after 14 years of working as the Training Manager for the Peace Corps in Kenya and Uganda.  He served as a Selectman in East Haddam for eight years. He has a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Illinois and an MSc in Organizational Behavior from the University of London. Pete is a Residential Dean at Franklin Academy, in East Haddam.  When he is not riding his bicycle or paddling a kayak, he is either playing his guitar, participating in a civic meeting or hiking our many and varied trails. Pete and his wife June Plecan raised three daughters in town.

Andrew Compagno, Vice-president, Chair of Membership Committee

Andrew came to East Haddam when he was young because his parents built a weekend house near Gillette Castle to simply get away from city life. He knew East Haddam called to him when he was willing to endure the long, painful trip from New York City. Andrew sees how this area remains connected to its original natural beauty and believes places like this are disappearing in our country. To live here is to be part of something special. East Haddam Land Trust plays a vital role in preserving this land for future generations to enjoy. Andrew and his family now reside full-time in the house his parents built when he was young.


Doreen Jezek, Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee

Doreen grew up in East Haddam Connecticut.  She earned a bachelor’s of science in Natural Resources at the University of Connecticut and a master of science at Auburn University. After working 28 years in hospital laboratories supporting organ transplantation she has returned to East Haddam from Kentucky to retire. Doreen has served on professional boards in the role of a board member, treasurer, and currently as vice president of operations. In retirement, Doreen enjoys gardening, birding, kayaking, and hiking local trails.


Joene Hendry, Secretary

Joene is a life-long gardener and lover of nature. She has called East Haddam her hometown since 1978. She has volunteered with East Haddam Ambulance as an Emergency Medical Technician, on numerous school administrator search committees, on the East Haddam Board of Education, and with other local organizations. She is retired from her garden design and maintenance business and she and her husband, Ralph Chappell, currently enjoy retirement, their children and grandchildren, volunteering time to East Haddam Land Trust, and traveling.

Allison Ballek, Director

Allie has been a resident of East Haddam her whole life. Growing up in this rural town she developed an appreciation for open spaces and the natural world. Her favorite activities include hiking, fishing, mushrooming, and backyard farming. These interests led her to pursue her bachelor of science in ecology and evolutionary biology with a minor in wildlife management at the University of Connecticut. She currently works at her family’s business, Ballek’s Garden Center, where she is able to share her passion and knowledge of the outdoors. She hopes she can inspire more interest from the youth of East Haddam in preserving our beautiful town for generations to come.

Cameron Beard, Director, Chair of Stewardship Committee

Cameron is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Connecticut School of Law.  He worked in international and maritime law for thirty-two years, and for a time also maintained a small commercial vineyard in East Haddam, growing wine grapes for sale to Connecticut wineries.  He is currently retired but still grows various grape varieties, although no longer on a commercial basis. Cameron is a native of northwestern Connecticut but has made his home in East Haddam since 1994.


Joe Clark, Director

Joe was born and grew up a long time ago in New Jersey, studied and worked in New Haven, and was the Technical Director at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan for over 30 years.  Joe retired in 2008 and has lived in East Haddam for nearly thirty years in a house that’s much older than he.  Joe now keeps busy tending the land, training a team of oxen, arguing with chickens, and wishing the bees were healthier as in olden days.  

Mary Colpoys, Director, Chair of Communications Committee

Mary grew up in Boston but fell in love with country life during her years at the University of New Hampshire completing a Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology and a subsequent Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. After attending Dartmouth Medical School, she came to Connecticut to complete her residency in Internal Medicine. Mary is currently winding down her “traditional” medical career as a hospitalist to embark on a career as an acupuncturist.  Mary moved to East Haddam in 1994 in large part because of its rural character and beauty, knowing it would be a great place to raise her sons.  She enjoys hiking and is thrilled to have so many wonderful trails to explore and enjoy in East Haddam.

Steve Dedman, Director

Steve was drawn to the outdoors as soon as he could walk. He has followed this path with education in plant biology and a career in horticulture and design. He has operated a garden design company for the past 25 years with a focus on working with nature, rather than trying to control nature. Steve and his wife reside in Hadlyme and are very grateful to live in a community with an abundance of open space.

Cynthia Deming, Director

Cynthia has lived in East Haddam for almost 25 years and also currently volunteers with the East Haddam Community Lions and the Music on the River committee. She is recently retired from the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch as a Court Services Officer, is a past member of the Appalachian Mountain Club, and previously served on the East Haddam Parks & Recreation Commission. Cynthia and her husband,  Anthony Valentino, are proud animal parents to two dogs and two cats.

Jennifer Rieber – Director

Jennifer moved to East Haddam from the Boston area about 20 years ago.  She has earned a B.S. Biology and a B.A. Art History from the University of Saint Joseph, and is in her final MBA semester at the University of Connecticut. Jennifer cultivated a deep appreciation for nature having spent much of her early childhood sailing with her family on the Lake of the Woods in Kenora Ontario not far from their home in Manitoba. When the family moved to Cape Cod in the 80’s she spent much of her time exploring the beaches, dunes, kettle ponds and woods of her new home. Jennifer chose East Haddam as her home largely due to the natural beauty of the area.

Brian Warman, Director

Brian grew up in Minnesota and moved to Connecticut in 1993 for a job with the Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Authority. He worked there for 26 years retiring as the Chief Plant Operator. Soon after arriving in Connecticut, he met his wife Jennifer and in 1996 they moved to East Haddam because of their love of the area and its nature-based environment.


Many thanks to Founding Members, past Presidents, and past Directors.


Founding Members

Anita Ballek

Alan Birmingham

Martha Tonucci

Stephen Gephard

Richard H. Goodwin

Art Merrow

Judith L. Nicholas

Peggy Wilson

Frank Wolcott


Past Presidents 1979 - 2020

Frank Wolcott

Richard H. Goodwin

Stephen Gephard

Marilyn Gleeson

Arthur Merrow

Lesley Olsen

Pat Anderson

Greg McHone

Jonathan Modica

Maureen VanDerStad

Joel Ide

Barb Bloomberg

Rob Smith

Shannon Hawkins

Jane Zirlis

Pete Govert


Past Directors 1979 - 2020

Dean Anderson

Jane Anderson

Pat Anderson

Noelle Avakian

Anita Ballek

Alan Birmingham

Gordon Bishop

Matt Budzik

Peggy Carlson

Noel Cherubino

Logan Clarke

Hugh Crowley

Vickie DeNicola

Donnie Donner

Susan Dowling

Mary Beth Durland

Bruce Elfstrom

Matt Elgart

Heidi Fellner

Judy Fiala

Roberta Fusari

Stephen Gephard

Kathy Golec

Don Goss

Sarah Gworek

Shannon Hawkins

Wickes Helmboldt

Joene Hendry

Nel Herbst

Joan Holbrook

Joel Ide

Tim Johnson

Gary Kania

John Kashanski

Anne Kilpatrick

Gary Laskowski

Hans Lohse

John Matthew

Lee May

Greg McHone

Jean Meredith

Art Merrow

Dot Millen

Jonathan Modica

Matt Montano

Hank Montrose

Jonathan Morris

Jamie Murphy

Roger Nemergut

Leslie Olsen

Roy Parker

Joe Parkos, Jr.

Deb Piez

Barbara Pokorny

Kathy Reynolds

John Rozum

Pietrina Saxton

Gail Sharkey

Sarah Thurmond

Martha Tonucci

Maureen VanDerStad

Lynn Wilkinson

Charles Wolf

Jane Zirlis