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Plan Your Legacy

What will happen to your estate when you pass on?

Will your woodlands, fields, or farm - perhaps carried down from ancestors - be available for future generations to enjoy?

Will your wish to support your favorite causes or charities be honored?


Planned Giving can ensure these questions are answered, as you direct, in your will or living trust.


Your will or living trust can be changed any time you choose without affecting the assets you need during your lifetime. With the guidance of an estate-planning attorney familiar with local estate laws you can:

  • Designate specific assets for your family and friends.

  • Bequeath or donate assets to charities or causes.

  • Donate or bequeath all or a portion of your land or assets.

  • Establish a contingent bequest in case you outlive other heirs or a portion of the remainder of your estate after providing for family and friends.


Should you choose to include East Haddam Land Trust in your will or living trust you can rest assured that your gift will be managed to the highest national standards.  East Haddam Land Trust is accredited through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. This means that East Haddam Land Trust, along with more than 1000 other land trusts, meets rigorous national standards for excellence and conservation permanence by adhering to the Land Trust Standards and Practices (Standards), a set of guidelines that provide a framework for land trusts to operate responsibly, legally, ethically, and in the public’s interest. These standards build strong land trusts and foster public confidence in land conservation.

If you have named East Haddam Land Trust in your will, see the Legacy Match page to learn how to leverage an immediate donation to us now.

We are happy to speak with you further. Please contact to discuss your planned gift or leave a message at 860-484-3458.


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