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Why Preserve East Haddam's Open Space?


Quality of Life for People and Nature


East Haddam's rural woodlands and stone walls help give our town its special character.  Our winding roadways are currently spotted with forests and fields - imagine if they were gone.  Thoughtful development choices will ensure future generations can stay close to nature.


Lower Taxes and Higher Property Values 


Studies have consistently demonstrated that residential development actually increases residents' tax burden, while increased open space decreases or stabilizes tax rates. Residential development requires town expenses on roads, sewers, etc, and generally, cost more than the revenues that are brought into the town.  Preserved natural areas provide recreation for everyone, and do not increase the tax burden.  You can see details in this brief report from the town of Colchester.  Our neighbors in Lyme have some of the lowest tax rates in CT, in part due to the high proportion of preserved natural areas in their town.


In addition, numerous reports, some of them summarized here, have shown that open space increases nearby property values - a potential benefit to all landowners in East Haddam.  


East Haddam is a Very Special Location


East Haddam sits between two nationally important CT watersheds - the Connecticut River, a nationally recognized Blueway, and the Eight Mile River with national recognition as a "Wild and Scenic" river and watershed.   East Haddam also has global recognition from the Ramsar Convention, which identified 150 wetlands, including the lower Connecticut River, of special importance for the planet.  Additionally, the lower Connecticut River Valley is listed by The Nature Conservancy as a "Last Great Place." Such recognition helps East Haddam obtain funding and support which, in turn, enhances East Haddam Land Trust contributions - your donations - for preserving and protecting these important resources.  It also is a reminder of just how precious these natural resources are, and what we can lose if they are not protected.


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