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The Values of Our Land and Climate Change


Land conservation is becoming more and more important. Conserved land provides spaces for humans to enjoy nature, allow native flora and fauna places to thrive, protect our soils and water quality, and mitigate the extremes of our changing climate.
Open Spaces Lead to Healthier Bodies and Minds
Many a road leading to good health begins at an open space or a natural place.
Studies in proof of that abound, showing personal well-being — both short term and long term — is enhanced by exposure to nature.
“Escaping the noise and the unnatural (structures) of suburbanized and urbanized areas for the natural environment has an impact on health,“ Read more ...
The Importance of Open Space and Land Preservation
From bobcats to bullfrogs, creatures both big and small are part of the vibrant mix of life that people share and enjoy.
“Our wildlife is really a litmus test of the health of our environment. We’re all interconnected. Everything is interconnected,” said Amy Blaymore Paterson, executive director of Connecticut Land Conservation Council. “It’s living in the ultimate vacuum to think we can lose our wildlife and not have associated impacts on the human species as well.” Read more ...
Water Is Life
“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water,” Benjamin Franklin stated.
When was the last time you marveled at the miracle of clean water that streamed from your
kitchen faucet? Pure, clean water pumped up from hundreds of feet below your
property. Water that cycled through our air, ground, woods, streams, and lakes. Water that
slowly filtered through our many acres of preserved open space to eventually flow from your
tap to quench your thirst. Read more ...
A Temperature Reading
Burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and farming livestock increasingly influence the climate and the Earth's temperatures.
Results of these activities add more greenhouse gases to those naturally occurring in the atmosphere, creating the so-called “greenhouse effect” — the main cause of climate change and global warming.
Some of the gases become like the glass of greenhouses, trapping the sun’s heat close to Earth and keeping it from going back into space. Read more ...
Open Space and Your Money
Purchases of land for open space start as a cost, then become an investment over time. How do
we figure?
Read more ...
Rising Mercury Changes Outdoor Fun and Work
Once upon a time in Connecticut, not so long ago, winters were different.
Like other seasons, winter brought its own bundle of outdoor activities — cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and ice fishing among them.
That’s not how the story goes these days. Read more ...
Farmers Adapt to Extremes of Weather
There may be nothing so predictable as the unpredictability of weather.
Just ask a farmer.
Today, as changes in climate brought on by global warming heighten the variability of weather and the challenges it can bring, farmers in East Haddam — like others across Connecticut and the country — face an often dramatically shifting landscape. Warmer temperatures in the winter, frosts in late spring, deluges, and tornadoes can turn their world around. Read more ...


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