East Haddam Land Trust Calendar


We plan an exciting new calendar for 2021.


It will be centered around photographs taken by young and old, Land Trust members and East Haddam residents documenting East Haddam's natural world: the plant and animal life from the soil through the sky found on Land Trust and Town preserves and throughout the Town. 


It will only be as good as the pictures you submit so we encourage everyone to take and send us remarkable shots. The photo submission requirements are outlined below. 


These new calendars will first be distributed to EHLT members. The remaining calendars may be collected at our libraries and various locations in early-mid December 2020.

East Haddam Land Trust Photo Calendar Rules


  1. This contest is open only to amateur photographers who live in East Haddam (photography is not a principal source of income).

  2. Entries must be submitted between September 11, 2020, and Oct 15, 2020.

  3. Photos must be taken in East Haddam. Drone photos are welcome. All photos are welcome - from close up of flowers to landscape-scale photos.

  4. All submissions must be emailed to calendarphoto@ehlt.org and include name, age, the location where the photo was taken, a brief description of the photo, approximate date of the photo, and contact phone number.

  5. Winning photos will be incorporated into the 2021 EHLT calendar.

  6. All photos remain the property of the Land Trust. While photographers retain complete copyright over their entries, the Land Trust retains a royalty-free right of use, display, and reproduction of the photos for purposes of publication in all media including, but not limited to: website use, social media, exhibitions, slideshows, and other items for fund-raising. In such use, every attempt will be made to credit the photographer.

  7. By submitting a photo, you warrant and represent that each submitted photo is your original work to which you alone own the copyright. It is each entrant’s legal responsibility to ensure that they comply with these ownership and copyright requirements and that they own the rights to reproduction of their photos without violating the rights of any third party. Entrants who do not fulfill these criteria will be deemed ineligible and disqualified.

  8. The Land Trust and judges reserve the right to change the category placement of any entry as well as the right to amend these rules and/or prizes as deemed reasonably necessary.

  9. We have established the following age categories: 3-10 years old; 11-18; 19-65; 66 and over.  We hope to select 3 photos from each category. The committee will give priority to photos taken on EHLT properties and from all four seasons.

  10. Submissions may be submitted in color or black and white

  11. Technical specs for submitted photos:  files with a resolution of 300 PPI.  Jpeg format is easiest to work with. 







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East Haddam Land Trust preserves and protects land in perpetuity for the public benefit.  Since 1979, your donations have helped East Haddam Land Trust, a volunteer, non-profit land conservation corporation, preserve unique woodlands, fields, lakes, rivers and open spaces for the public benefit. East Haddam Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization.


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