PeGus's Path Preserve​


This 12.5-acre woodland is dotted with boulders left by ancient glaciers and surrounds a small stream that feeds into the headwaters of Succor Brook - one of East Haddam's many waterways that feed the Connecticut River.​


The preserve is named for Peg and Gus Carlson who had a shared vision of partnering with East Haddam Land Trust to protect their cherished woodland sanctuary. PeGus's Path is now enjoyed in Peg's and Gus's memory while hiking, horseback riding, finding woodland wildflowers, and enjoying the sound of the babbling brook.


Directions: from Town Street in East Haddam, take Daniels Road to the end, turn left onto Bogel Road then bear left onto Sims Road (unpaved). Park along Sims Road near the preserves signs on the right.


Download our PeGus's Path Preserve trail map with trails, driving directions, and more.


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