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Golet Farm Preserve​

Golet Farm Preserve is 32 acres of meadows, wetlands, and woodlands interspersed with hiking trails leading through meadows of wildflowers and grasses, woods with interesting rock outcroppings and streams, and wooded wetlands.

The acreage, acquired around 1920 by Charles Golet, was a family farm for about the next 35 years, supplying the Moodus community with milk, cream, and butter from a 32-head herd of milking cows; with chickens and eggs; and with fruit from a small orchard. Over the years, parcels of the original farm were split off for family home sites.


The current 32-acre preserve was owned by Thomas Smith, grandson to Charles Golet, and Mr. Smith's cousins. Together they sold the acreage to East Haddam Land Trust, but Mr. Smith, due to his strong conservation ethic and desire to preserve open space, donated his 78% interest in the acreage to East Haddam Land Trust. This donation was valued at $95,000.


Today, Golet Farm Preserve serves as a wildlife gem in the Moodus section of East Haddam. It's meadows and trees provide a wonderful habitat for birds. Its wetlands offer places to study amphibians, insects, and other wetland wildlife. Interior meadows and woodlands provide quiet respite. Wildflowers abound in the meadow closest to the Golet Farm Preserve parking area off Great Hillwood Road, and along wooded trails.


Golet Farm Preserve connects with Heritage Park, the site of the East Haddam Senior Center, across Great Hillwood Road. To the west, Golet Farm Preserve borders Oak Grove Senior Housing property. To the south, it borders Town-owned land ant East Haddam Elementary School property.


Access Golet Farm Preserve from Great Hillwood Road, in the Moodus section of East Haddam.

Counting steps as part of your exercise routine? 
Preserve-like terrain averages about 2080 steps per mile. The length of each trail is listed on the printed maps for each preserve available at the trailheads and downloadable from the interactive trail map and from each preserve webpage.


Download our Golet Farm Preserve trail map with trails, driving directions, and more.


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