Patrell Preserve/Chapal Farm
Walk atop eskers and around kettle ponds left by ancient glaciers and enjoy the sound of the Eightmile River from a 75-foot long footbridge. The footbridge connects the Patrell and Chapel Farm portions of this 109-acre preserve.
The preserve protects 3000 feet along the Eightmile River, a nationally-recognized Wild and Scenic Waterway. As part of the Lyme Forest Block Important Bird Area, this is a fantastic spot to observe migratory and overwintering birds.
The Chapal Farm section marks one end of the Goodwin Trail - a 14-mile hiking trail through deep woods, fields, and wetlands.
Click here for directions and a trail map to Patrell Preserve/Chapal Farm.
The Bernstein Preserve
Feel the power of an 80-foot waterfall as it drowns out the sounds of the modern world. Imagine the mill workers who constructed the Falls and Atlantic Mills and made twine and duck cloth there.  
Though the mill buildings succumbed to fire, remaining is a rusted turbine, stonework, and remnants of the headraces, tailraces, and sluiceway that once directed water to and from the mills.
The Falls and Atlantic mills were the first two of fourteen water-powered mills that operated along the Moodus River from the 1850s through the 1930s.
Trails at this 36-acre preserve pass through stands of ancient horsetail plants and quiet woods, and along a peaceful millpond.
Click visit for directions and a trail map of the Bernstein Preserve.
East Haddam Land Trust
Out of concern that many of the pristine and natural acres in the Town of East Haddam might disappear to construction or industry, a group of conservation-minded individuals banded together in 1979 to form East Haddam Land Trust. Hammond Mill Preserve, donated by John and Barbara Kashanski, was the first of what today totals more than 700 acres of preserved natural and historic parcels where people can enjoy natural habitats.
In this mini-documentary, local residents, historians, and conservationists recount 40 years of the land trust's volunteer work and it's partnerships with local, regional, and national conservation groups.
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East Haddam Land Trust preserves and protects land in perpetuity for the public benefit.  Since 1979, your donations have helped East Haddam Land Trust, a volunteer, non-profit land conservation corporation, preserve unique woodlands, fields, lakes, rivers and open spaces for the public benefit. East Haddam Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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