East Haddam Land Trust History


Learn how East Haddam Land Trust came to be. In our 40 years of existence, we collaborated with the Town of East Haddam, other local land trusts, and regional, state, and national conservation groups to protect some of East Haddam’s beautiful woodlands and waterways, and preserve some of the Town’s historic sites.

Since 1979, when our founders commenced this journey, East Haddam Land Trust has worked with membership donations, land donations, hours and hours of volunteer labor, and regional, state and federal grants to preserve and protect land in perpetuity for the public interest.

This mini-documentary honors:

  • our founders - Anita Ballek, Alan Birmingham, Martha Tonucci, Stephen Gephard, Richard H. Goodwin, Art Merrow, Judith L. Nicholas, Peggy Wilson, and Frank Wolcott.

  • the many individuals who volunteered as Board members and officers.

  • the volunteers who help maintain our preserves and help with events and programs.

  • those who so generously donated, or placed conservation easements on, their beloved land for the benefit of future generations of people and wildlife.

  • and, importantly, our members and donors who continue to allow East Haddam Land Trust to carry out its mission.

With your help - our current members, donors, and volunteers, this journey will continue

East Haddam Land Trust
Out of concern that many of the pristine and natural acres in the Town of East Haddam might disappear to construction or industry, a group of conservation-minded individuals banded together in 1979 to form East Haddam Land Trust. Hammond Mill Preserve, donated by John and Barbara Kashanski, was the first of what today totals more than 700 acres of preserved natural and historic parcels where people can enjoy natural habitats.
In this mini-documentary, local residents, historians, and conservationists recount 40 years of the land trust's volunteer work and it's partnerships with local, regional, and national conservation groups.
About Us


East Haddam Land Trust preserves and protects land in perpetuity for the public benefit.  Since 1979, your donations have helped East Haddam Land Trust, a volunteer, non-profit land conservation corporation, preserve unique woodlands, fields, lakes, rivers and open spaces for the public benefit. East Haddam Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization.


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