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Machimoodus State Park Hike's Birds, Wildflowers

May 29, 2017



Hikers identified many birds and wildflowers during EHLT's Woodswalk hike at Machimoodus State Park on May 28, 2017.


The most dramatic of the wildflowers was this Pink Lady's Slipper (Cypridedium acaule). Also spotted were the dainty blue blooms of Blue Toadflax, Eastern Blue-eyed Grass, and Ground Ivy; tiny white flowers of Bastard Toadflax, possibly Field Chickweed, plus many Wild Geranium and Maple-leaf Viburnum shrubs ready to burst into bloom.


The varied habitats of Machimoodus State Park - fields, young woodlands, wetlands, and mature woodlands - provide many opportunities for spotting wildflowers.


These same varied habitats are home to multiple species of migratory birds that thrive in the woodlands, wooded edges, and open fields throughout the park.


Hikers heard, and those with binoculars and sharp eyes spotted, American Robin, Barn swallow, Tree swallow, Chipping sparrow, Field sparrow, Yellow warbler, Ovenbird, Worm-eating warbler, Prairie warbler, Bluebird, Indigo bunting, Sharp-shinned hawk, Osprey, Titmouse, Scarlet tanager, Orchard oriole, Baltimore oriole, Redwing blackbird, Ruby-throated hummingbird, Great crested flycatcher, Red-eyed vireo, Wood thrush, Red-bellied woodpecker, purple grackle, American crow, and either a red tail or red shoulder hawk that was soaring too high and in difficult light to positively ID.

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